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Goal setting is important when starting on your nutrition journey.
Together we can establish attainable goals to help you reach your health potential.
A Variety of Healthy Food Choices


Whether it’s learning what foods can be part of your healthy lifestyle or managing your weight and current diagnosis, a balanced meal plan can be developed to provide you with recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Food allergies and intolerances can be addressed along with recommendations for reducing unhealthy fat, sodium and excess sugar.

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Grocery Store

Grocery store tours are offered to clients who need a better understanding of what foods to select for their healthy diet and learn to compare labels between brands to make better choices. Clients may even learn how to shop smarter and save money too! Tours are customized based on clients’ specific health concerns and goals.

Jars of Healthy Food in Pantry


A pantry review provides clients with an assessment of foods typically consumed and recommendations are provided for including healthier options or substitutions to align with your specific health goals. Tips for proper food storage and sanitation also offered.

Selection of Allergy Food


Do you belong to a community or social organization that would be interested in learning more about health and nutrition? We are available to speak on a variety of health topics and look forward to increasing participants’ knowledge of topics that are of interest to your group. Groups may include: women’s and men’s groups, Scouts, neighborhood communities, and fitness facilities.

Service Pricing
Individualized Pricing Based on Service
Following your complimentary 15 minute consultation, fees for services can be discussed based on your specific health concerns and the nutrition services you would be interested in to help you achieve your goals.
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Servicing all of the villages of Horizon West located in beautiful Southwest Orange County, FL.

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