Did you Know?

Making small, healthy changes to diet and physical activity can help improve your risk of developing Diabetes or help you better manage your diagnosis.

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 30 million individuals are diagnosed with diabetes and someone is diagnosed with diabetes every 23 seconds. Along with seeing your medical provider on a regular basis, monitoring blood glucose levels, exercising, and taking medications as prescribed, proper nutrition and meal planning that fits your lifestyle may help you better manage your diabetes.

After assessing your nutrition status and needs, we will discuss some basics of diabetes nutrition including meal planning and preparation, timing of meals and snacks, and portion control. Together we will establish a few goals that we can then tailor a plan to help you achieve your desired results. A follow-up session is typically scheduled within a few weeks of the initial plan and additional visits can be scheduled to help keep you motivated and on track.

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Have You Been Diagnosed with Diabetes?

Glucometer for Diabetes

If you are recently diagnosed with diabetes or desire ongoing education, we recommend a nutrition package that includes touring your local grocery store together to read labels, compare options, and make smarter choices. An in-home pantry review, cooking demonstration, meal plan, and recipe modifications can be included to further assist in achieving your goals. We can even share helpful tips for dining out at your favorite restaurants. Medical Nutrition Therapy for diabetes is a covered service under Medicare Part B. Participants under this plan are allowed 3 hours of Medical Nutrition Therapy for the 1st calendar year, then 2 hours of Medical Nutrition Therapy each calendar year thereafter.

Know your Risks

  • Overweight
  • Family History
  • Stress
  • Physical Inactivity